Apex Roofing & Restoration Insurance Claims Questions

Our experienced claims representatives perform a complete evaluation of your roof and any other damaged property. This is a no‐cost evaluation that usually takes no more than an hour. Apex Roofing & Restoration performs evaluations seven days a week and will schedule this around your busy schedule.
Most all policies issued in Alabama suggest that all claims be coordinated through your carrier’s claims center, and rarely with a local agent. The claims center assigns a field adjuster to come to your home to evaluate your claim, and we will assist you through this first, and most critical, step in the process.
No. By regulation from the Department of Insurance for the State of Alabama: an insurer shall not cancel or non‐renew your policy for claims arising from "a catastrophe, natural disaster, acts of nature, or weather‐related causes." For documentation of this ruling, please ask one of our field representatives for a copy of Bulletin No. 2010‐10, written by Mr. Jim L. Ridling, Commissioner of Insurance.
Our claims representatives will be with you every step of the way to assist you through the issues related to your property damage. We meet with the same local adjusters on a regular basis, but this is a crucial step!
Please keep one important factor in mind ‐‐ the adjuster works FOR your insurance carrier, is paid to settle or deny your claim, and is not at your home to do what is best for you ‐‐ he or she is highly‐trained and compensated to protect the interests of their employer, the multi‐billion dollar insurance carrier!
Every insurance company has a slightly different process, but typically you will receive a packet of information from your insurance company within 7‐10 days that details their repair and/or replacement estimate and their first payment. Apex representatives will review this information with you.
Our in‐house claims managers will assist you with the negotiations of a final settlement of your claim. We use the same industry‐specific software (Xactimate) that most insurance companies use, so we know how much is possible, not how little they hope you will accept.
When you choose Apex to perform the work, your only financial obligation is to pay the deductible that you negotiated with your insurance company when you purchased your homeowners insurance. Our estimates are always FREE!
Yes! Apex offers a variety of financing options to fit your needs. Our loan originators will be happy to explain these options to you, so that you can make the financing choice that is right for you.
Excellent question, and we encourage everyone considering hiring any contractor to ask this same question.
Proceed with caution - ask your contractor to have his insurance carrier send you a certificate by email, and never allow workers to begin your project until you receive the certificate and you have called the carrier to confirm that the coverage extends to roofing.
Remember, if anyone is injured on your property, YOUR insurance coverage is at risk if the contractor does not have valid roofing‐specific insurance ‐ both general liability and workers compensation coverage.
Absolutely. We realize that few people have ever filed a homeowners insurance claim, so we are happy to talk through all the required steps and how we can assist you through the entire claims process.
Yes, we often work through entire insurance claims, build the roof and complete the required paperwork without ever meeting the homeowners in person. Using the latest in satellite imagery and our "real-time" photos program, you can view our progress online, and know the status of your new roof construction at all times.
We are happy to provide references, and would invite you to visit one of our roofing installations in‐progress near your home.
Our office on Airport Boulevard in Mobile is open from 5 AM to 6 PM, six days a week, and by appointment on Sundays. You do not need an appointment, and we have free product samples that you can take home with you.


  • Property Inspections

    Our staff of former adjusters will inspect and evaluate your property for storm-related damage and share their findings with you.

  • Roofing Cost Estimates

    We will provide you with a pricing estimates for any damage our claims personnel discover during their inspections.

  • Insurance Claims Assistance

    If your property has sustained storm-related damage, we will discuss the options available to you, and work with you through the entire process.

  • Insurance Adjuster Assistance

    This is a very important step in the process, and one that we suggest you not attempt alone; we will be there with you when your assigned adjuster evaluates your property.

  • Final Claim Settlement

    Our team has worked through and settled over 20,000 claims, so we know what your carrier should be paying you for the damage your property has sustained. With our assistance, you will receive a fair settlement.

  • Apex "Shop Your Way" Express

    Own a beach-area or other rental property, or maybe you just prefer the convenience of meeting at our offices versus having a bunch of "strangers" in your home. If so, this is a perfect shopping alternative for you.

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