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Your Home Deserves An Apex Roof

Replacing the roof on your home is a major construction that should only be entrusted to an experienced residential roofing company. You can count on Apex Roofing and our decade of experience as a roofing contractor. While searching for a roofing company, your challenge is knowing which one to select, or possibly, not select ‐‐ you will have to live with your selection for decades, so please make your purchase decision after much research and consideration.

At Apex Roofing, we know the local building codes for your area, and pull permits for every project. What this means to you ‐ your local building inspections personnel are available to you at any time during or after the roof installation, and they will inspect our work to provide you with the comfort of knowing your roof was installed properly. Please check‐out our recent blog posts that might be of help in your research for the right roofing company for your project.

When reviewing roofing companies and evaluating roofing contractors ONE primary factor you should always consider ‐ the insurance coverage that "your roofer" has in place. Be assured ‐ they have insurance, but if they do not have valid coverage themselves, they are always covered by YOUR homeowner's and/or personal liability coverages.


  • Property Inspections

    Our staff of former adjusters will inspect and evaluate your property for storm-related damage and share their findings with you.

  • Roofing Cost Estimates

    We will provide you with a pricing estimates for any damage our claims personnel discover during their inspections.

  • Insurance Claims Assistance

    If your property has sustained storm-related damage, we will discuss the options available to you, and work with you through the entire process.

  • Insurance Adjuster Assistance

    This is a very important step in the process, and one that we suggest you not attempt alone; we will be there with you when your assigned adjuster evaluates your property.

  • Final Claim Settlement

    Our team has worked through and settled over 20,000 claims, so we know what your carrier should be paying you for the damage your property has sustained. With our assistance, you will receive a fair settlement.

  • Apex "Shop Your Way" Express

    Own a beach-area or other rental property, or maybe you just prefer the convenience of meeting at our offices versus having a bunch of "strangers" in your home. If so, this is a perfect shopping alternative for you.

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